ELEANOR AND PARK by Rainbow Rowell

I’m noeleanort a big fan of romances but I absolutely loved this book. It is a  love story, but not a sunny one. The characters are not gorgeous, they are not  perfect and they are not annoyingly rich and entitled.  Without giving too much away, what I truly  loved is the way the author allows you to slowly unravel the insecurities and  deep dark troubles of the characters as they get to know one another. This book  is in no way light hearted, yet it is full of hope for the possibilities that could unfold. Both Eleanor and Park have stayed with me long after I put down this book. I guarantee anyone who is a  fan of quirky love stories will include Eleanor and Park  amongst their favorites. This is a must read and is recommended for those in grades 9 and up.

Mrs. Sayan

Young Adult Librarian

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