DIZZY by Cathy Cassidy

Dizzy looks forward to only one day every year: her birthday. Not because of the presents she gets, or the parties she has, but because of a letter. This letter is not a normal letter, even if it might be to someone else. This letter is from her mom, her mom that she hasn’t seen in 8 years. But this year is unusual. One day, she comes back to school and she sees a complete stranger in her house talking to her dad. The stranger also says she is her mom. Dizzy is thrilled and even happier when her mom, aka Storm, wants her to travel with her. She thinks Storm convinced her dad into traveling and sets off to the life of a hippie. While at a festival, her mom leaves Dizzy with one of her friends and goes off to her boyfriend. Storm isn’t the mom she thought she would be. But at the festival she meets Finn, who she shares a first kiss with. She also meets Mouse, a boy who is like a little brother to her. The hippie-traveler life is fun, but she does miss her other life.
This book was really interesting, so I recommend Dizzy for girls in 6th-8th grade.
Cynthia Johnson
W.T. Clarke Middle School
8th Grade

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