Every few years, Willa Havisham and her mother, Stella Havisham, pack their bags and move, right when Willa starts to get used to the place. Willa has a few wishes: to make friends, to find true love, and her biggest wish- to find a great dad who both she and her mother will like. So far, her wishes never seem to come true.
But, when they move to Stella’s hometown, Cape Cod, all of Willa’s wishes start to come true. She befriends a girl named Tina, and adores a classmate, Joseph Francis Kennelly, and best of all, finds someone who is capable of being a perfect dad and husband. Suddenly it seems as if her wishes stop coming true! Can she reverse it so the wedding planner can plan her own wedding? Or will Willa and her mom have to take out the suitcases and move again?
The Wedding Planner’s Daughter was funny and romantic. I recommend it to 6th-8th graders.
Cynthia Johnson
Clarke Middle School
8th grade

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