PAST PERFECT by Leila Sales

All’s fair in love and war, right? This book has plenty of both. Chelsea works summers as a historic interpreter at the Essex Historical Colonial Village. This summer her ex-boyfriend Ezra is working there too. She’s unsure how she will be able to get over him when she meets Dan, an interpreter from the Civil War reenactment village down the road. But she can’t really see Dan either because Essex is at war with the Civil War village and she would be considered a traitor!
Although the premise of this book may seem a little odd, it is a very entertaining read. It is well written, providing a lot of detail on the world of historical reenactment ( A world I knew nothing about). Chelsea is an excellent narrator who will keep you laughing through the book.
I recommend Past Perfect to students in grade 8 and up
Mrs. Rosenberg
YA Librarian
East Meadow Public Library

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