NORTH by Donna Jo Napoli

North Jacket.jpg
In this book Alvin, a twelve year old boy is the main character. I’d say the most interesting part of the story occurs when, Alvin’s mother forbids him to go anywhere without his “nanny”. She would always escort him everywhere. His mother did not allow him to have any freedom. At one point in the story, Alvin thinks that his mother has gone too far and he runs away from home, to retrace the steps of his greatest hero, Matthew Henson.
Throughout his journey Alvin must face trials, tribulations and hardships to understand and find himself.
I enjoyed this book because it could actually happen to anyone and I hope you do too. If you are one of those people who liked the Gary Paulsen books, about, Brian, you will probably love this story as well.
Alan Alex
Grade: 7

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