New YA Books to check out

The new year has only just begun, but we have already read some awesome books. Check out three of our favorites below.



Seventeen-year-old Norah suffers from OCD, agoraphobia, and severe anxiety. Having barely left the house in years, she conducts her life mainly online between online schooling and social media. One day while struggling to get groceries off the front porch, she meets Luke, the new guy next door. Luke is kind, funny, and understanding, but how can she develop a relationship with someone when she can’t leave the house? This book has a lot of humor for such a serious topic and it will give you new insight into mental illness. Fans of Everything, Everything will enjoy this book. Grade 8+



A TOASTER ON MARS by Darrell Pitt

In this fast-paced, quirky science-fiction read, A Toaster on Mars will take you along with agent Blake Carter in the year 2509 as he races to rescue his daughter from the evil genius Bartholomew Badde. Hilarious adventures include battling a mutant cheese sandwich, talking cars, and a planet inhabited by clones of Elvis. Perfect for fans of Doctor Who or The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.  Grade 7+


EVERYONE WE’VE BEEN by Sarah Everett

After an accident, Addison Sullivan starts to question her own sanity.  She finds herself falling in love with a boy that no one else see.  This clever mystery is written in chapters that bounce back and forth between and before and after her accident. The twists and turns of this novel take a course you will not be able to guess.  I beg you to give this book a read before you look at any spoilers. Grade 8+

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