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Since the Boston Red Sox sold Babe Ruth to their hated rivals, the New York Yankees, thus starting the so called “Curse of the Bambino”, they hadn’t won a championship. Time after time, the Red Sox had their championship hopes taken away from them. However, when the team goes on sale, a group of men become determined to turn that around, and take the team to the promised land once again.
From page one, author Seth Mnookin chronicles the team’s past, to their victorious present, and their title chasing future. The author’s exclusive clubhouse access provides the reader with hundreds of never before seen interviews. From struggles to triumphs, the reader gets an in depth look at how every member of the team felt about it.
I’d recommend Feeding the Monster for sports fans in 9th grade and up.
Damien Whikehart
Grade 7
Woodland Middle School


For all the fashionistas waiting for the latest fashions to walk down the runway here are a few biographies about famous fashion designers. These books are from the PROFILES IN FASHION series.
JIMMY CHOO RED PUMP.jpgModels who walk the runway have worn this designer’s apparel; Malaysian born, Jimmy Choo, is best known for shoes. His shoes were worn by First Lady Michelle Obama, Princess Diana and Cameron Diaz. Jimmy was born in 1961 and made his first pair of shoes in 1972, when his formal education ended. At 12 Jimmy began watching his father craft comfortable shoes for their customers. To further his education in shoes Choo goes to England to study and four years later he starts his career. Mr. Choo says, “I consider myself very lucky to where I am today.” This book tells his story was only a little bit of luck and lot of hard work.
pKSLCI1-4688516_kspr01_dt[1].jpgEvery fashionista need a great purse and the Kate Spade is a leader in the fashion accessories area. Kate arrived on December 24, 1962 as the fifth child of the Brosnahan Family of Kansas City, Missouri. Her dream was to become a journalist and she did worked for the magazine, Mademoiselle, but in a tiny apartment in New York City along with her husband, Andy Spade, with very little money Kate started her now famous business. The Kate Spade brand is found in the best stores across the country but Kate has met with the unanticipated problem of success, knock-offs. From $6000 to a multimillion company Kate Spade has earned it all.
VERA WANG GOWN.jpgOur next designer dreamed of being an Olympic skating champion, studied pre-medicine at Sarah Lawrence, and moved to Paris to work as a shopgirl for Yves Saint Laurent. Who is this woman; it’s Vera Wang. Working her way from the bottom to the top of the fashion world, Ms Wang is recognized as the premier designer of wedding dresses. Many a bride has walked down the aisle in a Vera Wang gown. Vera also achieved gold at the Olympics with her figure skating costumes for Evan Lysacek and Michelle Kwan. She is a the top of career with an even brighter future.
If you are into fashion, you should read about these fabulous people.
Mrs. Jackson
Head of Young Adult Services
East Meadow Public Library

BAD BOY by Walter Dean Myers


The book BAD BOY by Walter Dean Myers is one of the greatest autobiographies that i have ever read. Usually autobiographies aren’t as fun as regular books but this one was just amazing. Walter Dean Myers is known as one of the greatest authors ever and has had many top selling books including Monster. This book is about Walter who had a very struggling childhood with no birth parents. Walter was adopted because his birth parent didn’t want him since his birth mother had died. Walter had a very devious childhood and he got a lot of love from his mother who had adopted him. He went to Stuyvesant high school since he was smart, but didn’t get a high school diploma because he cut class. Walter often went to books to seek refuge when he was sad or mad. I like this book because it shows that even though Walter didn’t get a high school diploma he still became very successful. This shows shows that if you have a dream and you want it and you strive for it, it will come true.
I recommend this book for people who want to be inspired.
Yash Shah
W Tresper Clarke HIgh School
Grade 9


Perhaps you are bored to death from studying the Civil War in school. Well brace yourself, this non-fiction, yes I repeat NON-FICTION reads like a thriller.
Chasing Lincoln’s Killer gives a detailed account of the murder of Abraham Lincoln and a thorough account of the 12-day hunt that lead to the capture of the murderer and his accomplices. Okay, so I will admit that you may be learning about the conflicting feelings of the time. On the up side you will also be placing yourself smack in the middle of the most massive man-hunt in U.S. history. This new book includes reprints of original photographs and documents of the time to help you connect to the events. You may not believe me, but I promise you will love this book.
I recommend this book to students in grades 6 and up.
Mrs. Sayan
Young Adult Services
East Meadow Public Library


A%20CHILD%20CALLED%20IT%20Jacket%20Cover.jpg The book, A CHILD CALLED IT: ONE CHILD’S COURAGE TO SURVIVE by David Pelzer, is the winner of the 2008 3 Apples Teen Book Award, a New York State Teen Choice Award. This title was selected from teen nominations from across the state, when New York State teens voted during January, 2008. (For a complete list of the nominated books see the entry dated May 6, 2007.)
A CHILD CALLED IT chronicles one of the most severe child abuse cases in the state of California. David Pelzer was brutally beaten and starved by his alcoholic mother. He played his mother’s sadistic games and dreamed of the day when someone would love him. He was saved by an alert school teacher and lived to write this book.
This is a particularly brutal and savage tale. IT IS RECOMMENDED FOR HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS.
Mrs. Jackson
Head of Young Adult Services

BAT BOY LIVES! by David Perel & The Editors of the The Weekly World News

BAT%20BOY%20LIVES%20BOOK%20COVER.jpg Once again the YOU NEVER KNOW theme can be found in books. BAT BOY LIVES!: WEEKLY WORLD NEWS GUIDE TO POLITICS, CULTURE, CELEBRITIES, ALIEN ABDUCTIONS, AND THE MUTANT FREAKS THAT SHAPE OUR WORLD is a compilation of stories from The Weekly World News. This newspaper was begun in 1979 and is committed to bringing the truth, from aliens to things that happen on your street.
Some of the stories selected are bizarre, like the woman with built-in high heels or the three-legged model. If you prefer animals, there is a blabbermouth parrot at a divorce trial. You will also find the usual, Elvis Presley sighting and a story about Richard Nixon’s ghost wandering the White House. Let’s not forget Bat Boy. He was found in a cave in West Virginia. Bat Boy stands two feet tall and weighs 19 pounds. The scientists who found him in 1992 thought he was 3 or 4 years old. As I said before, these are the bizarre truths of The Weekly World News.
But the really strange items are the photographs. Are they real? Some may be, but only you can decide.
Mrs. Jackson
Head of Young Adult Services


MARIA%20SHAW%27S%20STAR%20GAZER%20BOOK%20COVER.jpg The summer reading program’s theme is You Never Know. Marta Shaw’s book, STAR GAZER: YOUR SOUL SEARCHING, DREAM SEEKING, MAKE SOMETHING HAPPEN, GUIDE TO THE FUTURE may help you understand what you need to know. If you are psychic and intuitive, you may not need this book, but if you wish to connect with your inner self, try this tiitle.
Astrology, numerology and palmstry can help determine who you are. The chapters relating to tarot cards, dreams and crystals will help you pick out or understand your future paths.
In many chapters Shaw give a great introduction to an area. For example in studying auras or a person’s energy field, she explains how to develop your skills, the meaning of color (I wish I had an orange aura.) and how to read your own.
Whatever area you prefer to guide your future MARTA SHAW’S STAR GAZER may help heighten you sensitivity to your inner self. Remember YOU NEVER KNOW what you will find.
Mrs. Jackson
Head of Young Adult Services


DIGITAL%20PHOTO%20MADNESS%21%20Jacket%20Cover.jpg MAY is PHOTOGRAPHY MONTH but April is the Young Adult Services 18th Annual Photography Contest for Young People. On Thursday, April 26th we will be announcing the winners of this year’s contest. Since this event is limited to teens 15 to 18, younger teens may get a headstart with this new book, DIGITAL PHOTO MADNESS!; 50 WEIRD & WACKY THINGS TO DO WITH YOUR DIGITAL CAMERA, by Thom Gaines.
As the back cover tells you, “Sure, you can see your pictures right away, print them on your home printer, and post them on the Internet, but did you know you create really coool effects using the latest software?” With this book you could give someone a facelift, or create patterns from a single shot. You are the designer of your own world. It will be lots of fun.
Mrs. Jackson
Head of Young Adult Services

THE NOTEBOOK GIRLS: FOUR FRIENDS, ONE DIARY, REAL LIFE by Julia Baskin,Lindsey Newman, Sophie Politt-Cohen and Courtney Toombs

The Notebook Girls is the real life diary of four friends who attended Stuyvesant High School in Manhattan. Jula, Lindsey, Sophie, and Courtney became close friends their freshmen year and decided to start the notebook as a way to stay in touch. The girls write about the pressures of school, boys, family, and friends. In addition to sharing their thoughts and experiences the girls put pictures and drawings into the notebook. Readers will laugh and sometimes relate to the experiences the girls write about in this black marble notebook.
Miss Samuel
Young Adult Librarian

THE POET SLAVE OF CUBA by Margarita Engle

The Piiet Slave of Cuba Cover.jpgMonty Python made a movie called, “And now for something completely different.” Well, I have just finished a book that is something completely different. THE POET SLAVE OF CUBA: A BIOGRAPHY OF JUAN FRANCISCO MANZANO by Margarita Engle is a biography in verse. Juan, a slave, was born into the household a wealthy family in 1797. As a young child his extraordinary intellectual powers, made him and his family a favorite of the slaveowner’s wife, but with her death his fortunes changed. His new mistress was cruel and revelled in his humiliations. Though beaten, locked in shackles and almost left for dead his voice was never silenced, and finally at nearly 16 he escaped from slavery.
The biography is told by several different people, Juan, his owners, his birth mother and a white boy living on the plantation. I wish more information was available, but as the author writes any material on slavey in Cuba was banned. It was only by chance Manzano biography found its way on a ship to England, but only the first half of his life discovered and published.
Even though the subject of slavery is an dark time for humanity, it is interesting to see how it was practiced in a country other than the US. This book is recommended for young people in grades 8 to 11.
Mrs. Jackson
Head of Young Adult Services